Marketing What, Why, When & How?

Confusion to clarity

People often get confused between marketing, sales, advertising, and promotions.

The ultimate truth is the success of any business lies in its marketing.

According to the American Marketing Association, there are three key activities involved in marketing:

  1. Creation: Identifying need gaps and adding value to customers.
  2. Promotion: Communicating features, advantages, benefits, claims through different mediums.
  3. Delivery/supply: Making it available for actual use.

Now have a look at WHAT is marketed every second and without proper marketing, everything starts vanishing.

So let’s understand the following IMP aspects of Marketing.

  • The fundamentals of marketing
  • Digital Marketing vs. Traditional marketing.
  • CATT Marketing Funnel
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

The Fundamentals of Marketing:

To devise the right marketing plan, the following actions are MUST DO

Understand with an example of the Launch of Dominos burger pizza.

Watch the video before proceeding.

  1. Market research: To Analyse customer needs, preferences, and wants.
  2. Market planning: Build strategies to reach target customers
  3. Branding: To create a brand identity in the customers' minds.
  4. Promotion: To generate more and more customers.
  5. Customer support service: To ensure customer satisfaction and repeat use.

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing.

Both ways of Marketing are essential depending on the product and targeted customers. However one has to choose the option that can yield maximum ROI.

Please read the following articles which can make them easier to understand.

CATT Marketing Funnel

To be successful in business it’s extremely IMP to understand the CATT funnel.

Watch the below video before proceeding

With the help of the above ad understand How IKEA used the CATT funnel.

Niche Building: Offering all home interior and decor products and solutions for the needs and preferences of every member of the family.

Content Creation: Creating communication or messaging on every product feature and utilities

Attention gaining: Communicating through TV, Social Media, Newspapers, Radio, etc.

Trust Building: Providing the best customer experience and satisfaction.

Transaction ease: Converting the leads into the first purchase and growing repeat users.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Tips for using different digital marketing channels at every stage to achieve a marketing goal to grow the business.

Watch the below story on the #shareacoke campaign, an excellent example of integrated digital marketing.

Personal Branding

Before getting to know How to build a personal brand, have a look at real world-famous personal brands.

Step 1: Identify your niche and gain all skills/knowledge to become an EXPERT.

Step 2: Start with applying skills and knowledge either in self-initiated projects or as an employee in the relevant industry to get initial hands-on experience.

Step 3: Research, study and start personal blogs, websites, youtube channels to educate the masses and build followers.

Step 4: Start training on one on one or in group online as well live platforms.

Step 5: Become a mentor to interested students who wants to become expert like you in the same field.

Step 6: Launch your own start-up in your identified niche to offer the best offerings to customers compared to the competition.

Summary :

Marketing is much broader than selling and advertising which are sub-functions of marketing.

Marketing is a skill that is developed with continuous application on the job not just learning in the classroom.

For any start-up or to build a personal brand, selection of the right niche and become an expert is an extremely IMP factor to be successful.

Thanks a lot for your valuable time to read, hope it helped you to understand marketing in a simple way.



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